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Melissa Weseli of Mediation by Design
Melissa Weseli of Mediation by Design

Melissa A. Weseli, MBA

Melissa has vast knowledge and experience in a variety of business sectors, including nonprofit, consulting and hospitality. She is a registered domestic mediator through the Indiana Supreme Court, has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and an MBA in Finance. She has held executive roles for more than 10 years and is the owner and founder of Mediation by Design. Melissa’s expertise in project management and dispute resolution shines through during mediation.  
Dean Weseli of Mediation by Design
Dean Weseli of Mediation by Design

Dean P. Weseli, MBA, CFP®, CDFA®

Dean has over 20 years of financial planning experience and is a registered domestic mediator through the Indiana Supreme Court. He has both an MBA and undergraduate degree in Finance. Dean has been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Practitioner since 2010 and is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®. As both a CDFA® Practitioner and registered mediator, he can share invaluable knowledge during a mediation process.

Divorce mediation is serious. You should have high expectations for any support you receive. We’re here to provide it. Who else trusts us? These organizations:

CFP credential
Indiana Supreme Court credential

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several differences. First, mediators cost considerably less than lawyers. Second, during a mediation, the mediator encourages the two parties to find a resolution while a lawyer will represent the needs of only one party. So in mediation, each party has more control over the outcomes with a mediator versus with a divorce lawyer. Discover a few more differences in this free download.

Most mediations take 3-5 sessions. We can meet more or less if necessary. The first step is a consultation to 1) help you fully understand the process and 2) help us fully understand your needs.

A registered domestic mediator is able to provide many of the same services a lawyer can – but at a much lower cost. For example, simply by choosing mediation over a legal proceeding, you can expect to save $5,000+ per person during a divorce.

Bring a copy of all financial assets for both parties and any applicable deeds or relevant paperwork. Plus, both parties’ goals is helpful.

We offer both virtual and in-person mediation services at our northside Indianapolis offices.

This will vary by your needs and timeline. Schedule a consultation for a personalized estimate.

Domestic mediation provides an efficient and fair divorce process and allows clients to stay in control of outcomes. A mediator is a neutral third-party professional who keeps the parties focused on the goal of a successful, fair outcome.

A CDFA has a unique skillset to understand the financial implications of a divorce. So you’ll avoid costly errors throughout the process.

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